"Are We Okay?" Podcast

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Adam appeared on episode 136 of the “Are We Okay?” Podcast with Chris Lambert where they discussed family, art, Placenta Oranges, and much, much more.

Actor Adam Niemann drops by the podcast to talk about how countries choose their flag colors, writing a musical with Weston Scott, trying out new art forms, Understanding Comics, making a thing vs. talking about making a thing, sharing the stage with Patti LuPone, divas, Robin Williams-level improv, the Six Steps of being an artist, the Trojan Horse of music theory, a hidden message in Jurassic Park, the film school he definitely really went to, celebrity entertainment, fly-on-the-wall documentaries, getting hit by a car while listening to this podcast, Hap-pea and Pea-wee, ping-ponging between the coasts, his Opera-singing pilot father, his casual doula-verse mother, sharing some Flake, finding his tribe, Google Mapping celebrities' houses, the sadness of William Inge, being the orange kid, Weird Al Yankovic, and what a goof means to him. 

You can also find the full episode above or on Apple Podcasts, if that’s more your style.

Adam Niemann